Re-evaluate your athletic shoes by Dr.Unanue

Time to re-evaluate your athletic shoes by Dr.Unanue

As springtime approaches and warm weather arrives, more people start to head outside to exercise. Walking and running outdoors provides great cardiovascular exercise, and allows for much needed fresh air after being inside during the winter months. Before lacing up your old pair of athletic shoes now is a good time to re-evaluate and see if you need a new pair.
Running and walking with an old worn out pair of shoes can cause increased joint impact on the knees, hips as well as heel pain and shin splints-especially if you walk or run on concrete or other hard surfaces. We have some tips on when to replace your old pair of shoes as well as what to look for when buying new ones.

When to replace shoes:

1. Place shoes on a flat surface: If the sole is uneven or notice more than4mm of wear on the heel
2. The midsole (between the upper part of the shoe and hard outer sole) has significant creasing or cracking
3. If your shoes have 300-500 miles of running or walking.

New Shoe Shopping tips:

1. Bring orthotics to the shoe store- this can increase the size as well as
width needed for new shoes.
2. Draw an outline of your foot barefoot and place shoe on top of the
drawing to make sure the shoe will be wide enough for your foot
3. When trying on shoes, try on both shoes at the same time and lace them
up- wear the socks that you normally wear for activity to get a better idea
of fit as well as cushioning
4. Try on many different brands of shoe- there is no one perfect brand for
everyone- you need to find the best shoe for your foot and activity
6. Specialty running stores can assist in picking out shoes and measure
your foot to ensure appropriate fit

Foot and Ankle Clinics of America Doctors are always available to answer any questions you might have
and can help you re-evaluate your shoes and orthotics before beginning new activities.

9 Locations to choose from – please click on the picture below for a list of locations.


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